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Clear video day and night
Video evidence
Special pricing
Front & Cabin View
Infra Red Cabin View
Super clear recording with IR night vision in cabin Help prove if a road incident was not your fault Special pilot scheme offer of just $5 + tax per month for 12 months Dual View Camera to capture footage in and out of your vehicle Cabin view camera has inbuilt IR night vision for day and night use

Helping to keep everyone safer

Help keep you and your riders safe for only $5 per month (plus tax)

With a Nextbase Dash Cam, incidents on the road or in the vehicle are captured in high-definition video and clarity, day or night, ensuring a clear record of events.

Featuring best-in-class WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS connectivity, along with Emergency SOS that will automatically call emergency services in the event of a serious accident, the Nextbase 323GW also offers Intelligent Parking Mode to automatically record any bump or physical movement on the vehicle while it is left unattended.

As a participant in the Nextbase & Uber Dash Cam Offer, you can own a Nextbase 323GW for just $5 per month for 12 months.

Nextbase 323GW Dash Cam

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